What To Do When You Don’t Want To Write? (3 Indispensable Tips From A Fellow Blogger)

Are you a writer who is going through a lot? Who is not short on ideas but terribly spent on energy? What to do when you just don’t want to write anymore? Don’t worry. This comrade is taking up the responsibility to share his ways of dealing with bad non-productive patches.

Notice already how much we, at ScribbleSquare, stress on the importance of going on even if you don’t feel like? Because that is the most common way we writers feel, one day or the other. There are some days when I happily prance around the keyboard, feeling the gayest, proudest man alive. And then there are days when I just don’t want to write.

Now there are many resources out there to show you how to become productive. This blog is too small in scope to cover all of them in detail. But let me share my own experiences, and probably you’ll get some ideas.

Experience 1 : Information Overload

Just the other day, I was writing an article on a particular type of cloud formation for one of my freelance clients. I am no expert on the topic (we seldom are, before beginning on the project). So I had to do a lot of research on the web. I found out how many different types of clouds are there, why are there so many different formations, meanings behind their respective names and things like those.

Soon I found myself overwhelmed with the amount of information gathered and felt like I would not be able to write anything on that. I didn’t know where to begin. I didn’t know how to end. I didn’t know what to write in between! I felt like giving up. Right then and there. I was even considering to pick up the phone and call my client about my decision to scrap that piece of content for her.

What Happened Afterwards?

I listen to jazz or instrumental music (but mostly jazz) while writing. I just feel the unlimited potential of the sounds within my own beating heart and take inspiration from it.

Okay, enough melodrama! I was listening to some jazz while doing the research. When I felt exhausted after noting point after point in my already gigantic outline, I gave up the task of building the outline altogether.

Yes, many of you may begin to protest right at this moment but let me finish my story. I simply opened Notion and tried to write the introduction. I was hearing the pulsating beats, feeling absolutely certain that there are indeed many possible ways of writing this particular content. I’ll just do it in my own way.

I received personal words of praise (which is very rare in this field) after submission of the article.

Listen to music while you’re feeling exhausted. Quite frankly, any music will do. As long as you can shut out the words from them anyway.

Experience 2 : The Time Crunch

Just this last week, I was sleeping for less than two hours a day because I was having a lot going through. Sleep deprivation with countless cups of tea and coffee, coupled with those incessant smokes from the cigarettes I was smoking (Statutory Warning: Cigarette Smoking Is Injurious To Your Health) was making my head swirl and turn quite unexpectedly.

Anyway, after saving another of my project just in the nick of time, I suddenly found out that I have less than an hour to write a blog post in this site itself. I just wanted to lie down on bed and sleep like a baby. But I still couldn’t!

The time crunch can certainly make us don't want to write anymore
The time crunch can certainly make us don’t want to write anymore

What Happened Afterwards?

I wrote this 2000 word post within that less than a hour timeframe. Yes, yes, I’ll tell you how I did it of course!

ScribbleSquare has previously shown you how to follow a content calendar. Go to Google and type “scribblesquare arghya content calendar” without the quotes to get to that article. A content calendar helps you to plan your content beforehand. You can plan your posts for a month, a year, or even beyond that.

Thankfully I had the content calendar ready to help me at this point. Also I have a habit of writing at least something (usually the target is close to 500 words a day) on any one item of that calendar. So, all I needed to do was opening Notion (the app that I use for my writing) and copy whatever I had written till that point, and improvise a bit more.

Tell me if that post is that much ugly, considering it was done in such a kind of hurry.

Always build a content calendar for your site, in fact, for all of your freelance projects as well. You can lean on that in times of crunch, of despair, of hopelessness.

Experience 3 : When You Just Don’t Want To Write

Then there are days when you don’t want to write at all. If you’re writing professionally and haven’t faced this, don’t you worry. You’ll have this sort of a day sooner or later. A day when you’re having a complete shutdown of your brain; a day when you feel insignificant and hollow inside; a day when you just don’t want to write at all!

If you haven’t guessed it already, today was (still is) that kind of a day. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason for this specific bag of feelings. We can only hope that this bag doesn’t get opened too frequently, having no way to keep it closed forever.

What Happened Afterwards?

I’m already trying to finish the last little point of this post now. I took a conscious decision to put and hold myself together for the next fifteen minutes or so at a stretch. I chose to ignore my content calendar because otherwise there would have been no content at all. I pulled myself from all external disturbances whatsoever to reach a particular cozy place. I can’t say for sure that that place is a very likeable one, but that is mine, and mine alone.

Someone great must have said something like the following :

Talent is over-rated. Be disciplined instead.

I can’t agree more on this. You have to prepare yourself mentally that you need to go on, no matter what. And discipline helps a lot, in that regard.

Last Words : Still don’t want to write?

Of course this is a very personal topic to consider. No two individuals on this crazy rock called earth are exactly alike. We all have different methods to cope with our problems. Some confront them head-on. Some just lie quietly until the phase is over.

If you’re still feeling that you don’t want to write for today, don’t. Yes, even when you have a deadline to cater to. Tell your client about the situation, explain your problems patiently. There’s at least one great thing about us human beings. We are compassionate enough to understand each other. Surely your client will also understand. Writing is a creative process after all. You simply can’t rub two words together and make a sentence out of it.

If your client is not considerate enough, still don’t write right away. Do what you feel like doing at this very moment. Try to find your cozy, secluded place. Forget about the deadline. Because once you gift your client with your next copy, he/she’ll have no choice but to accept your delay gracefully.

Happy blogging, stay creative.

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