2020: The Best / Worst Year That Was

2020 was bad. 2020 was challenging. 2020 was nothing we had experienced before. I was recovering from a huge personal loss in 2018 ( that I’ve now learned not to talk about anymore), desperate to cling on to every motivation I can find around. 2019 brought some good memories along with some unexplored future beginning to open up before me. And then came 2020, with all the cruelty and all the ruthlessness straight out of the Game of Thrones set maybe. But it was not all bad of course. There were a lot of cherished moments that made this year special too. This post will not be like anything you’ve seen so far on my blog nor like anything you’ll ever see again probably. I felt compelled to write some sort of personal review of the year 2020, in an otherwise professional and absolutely impersonal blog.

Worst in 2020

The year started with a lot of hope, plans and positivity for me. I was making money good enough for me considering two of my biggest potential income sources were unfortunately lost during 2018. I was making plans for a new startup with my best friend. The one person I took constant inspiration from was making me do impossible things, not even knowing that herself. The universe seemed like a happy little blob of life before COVID-19 came knocking.

  • Once again I lost my biggest earning stream straightaway.
  • My other income stream was cut to one-third to what it was.
  • The plan for the startup had to be put on hold.
  • I lost seven people close to me who were just too young to die.
  • Constant worrying led me to countless sleepless nights.
  • I was finding myself losing interest in even doing the things I love.
  • I was screaming inside just to get out of all these for a change but obviously couldn’t due to lockdown.
  • And just yesterday I came to know that a non-blood uncle who used to play Cricket with us when we were little and was always very fond of me as I quite unintentionally gave him easy deliveries to hit after, committed suicide, before even hitting a half-century in years.

This is the last day of 2020 and I for sure don’t want another year like this while I’m alive. But that said, there were certainly some good in a year like this too.

Best of 2020

On a strictly personal level this year still gave me plenty of good to carry forward.

  • First of all, a lot of new gigs came my way in 2020 that in turn motivated me even more to pursue my writing career. I always loved putting happy words together and now I’m doing just that to surpass my current income stream soon.
  • I learned a lot! And by a lot I mean A LOT! I’m still learning at an incredible pace while doing all the things that needs my attention the most. I had put in 10-12 hours everyday for the last three months at least, without feeling fatigued by any means! I heard the saying that when you do what you love, work becomes play. Now I’m beginning to know what it means.
  • During the last part of the year, I was able to go on two short tours finally. This came as a much needed relief from the locked-up situation.
Me at the rocks of Shushunia, Nov 2020
Me at the rocks of Shushunia

Sunset at Mandarmani, Dec 2020
Sunset at Mandarmani

  • I always searched for odd inspiration from everywhere, especially after 2018. Stranger still is that I managed to find them pretty much all around. This was true even in 2020 when those brave doctors and nurses showed us the meaning of true motivation, risking their lives 24/7 and putting a smile on despite the darkest of times.
  • One of my social media friends, one that I slowly came to recognize as my own elder brother, had unwillingly shown me the meaning of true courage. Like everyone else he was badly hurt during the COVID-19 situation and had a plethora of health and family issues to fight. I called him one day and he casually told me all things happening at his side which were mostly not too good to hear and then went on to declare that everything else were perfectly fine! I was finding it damn hard to understand what exactly were the “perfectly fine everything else” but such is the mindset of this exceptional man!
  • Another from the social media circle, an elder sister this time, was both a source of fun and craziness. I fought with her on an almost constant basis while she forgave my every little pranks and laughed on. Her life during 2020 was also affected by losing her main income source, losing her only mobile with all her important notes related to professional writing and a lot of family issues on top. But she always was the nicest, the kindest and oftentimes the craziest person I’ve met so far.
  • It is said that while a person gains new friends almost everyday he slowly loses most of them over time. I was damn lucky to have one such pillar of constant support from when I was in upper primary. This one person has been my best friend, my best guide and my best motivator. He was monumental in helping me find my current career choice and kicking me into shape whenever I was down. I can’t even think to describe the many ways in which he helped me all these years, especially in 2020. But it’s okay, he understands me and he knows everything even when I stay blissfully silent.
  • A goofy nephew who rings me up everyday just to catch up with everything from my side, a sweet brother who pings me to know what series to watch next or a cheery sister who usually calls me just to pick a random fight – sometimes I think I’m one of the luckiest few to have such blessed connections and those connections only got stronger during 2020.
  • And while I’m talking about people and connections, there’s that odd connection with that one person who was unknowingly instrumental in turning my life around from the dark events of 2018. She’ll probably never know but her sense of justice, enviable maturity beyond her age and unparalleled sense of creative passion has been my biggest source of influence. She gave me the energy to go on to fight whatever comes my way, even in a year like 2020.

Last Words

I was talking of people being the biggest takeaway from 2020, right? It’s because people make this life meaningful, above all different things. Too much has already been said on my review of the best / worst year that was 2020. I think this post borders on pathological exhibitionism of emotion but it’s okay, being emotional to a fault is something I’ll happily accept any day for the rest of my life.

Wish you all a very happy new year ahead! Keep blogging or whatever else you’re aiming to do. Feel free to drop a comment about your take on the year 2020. And if you’re still unsure about the power of people to bounce back from this, watch this awesome 3-minute video from Google Trends.

2 thoughts on “2020: The Best / Worst Year That Was

  1. You are right. The list of worst can be endless but at the same time the list of good even best also hidden under cover, which we can’t understand or may be we are unable to realize. But then the good people comes in our lives. They change our lives and views. They may be a stranger or known person to us since long but at that particular time only they can touch the right chord to tune us.
    I’m lucky to have some of them in my life too.
    Thank you. You help me remember that people the people are most important and precious meaningful above all.
    Lots of love 💕 and thank you again.
    Wish you a very happy prosperous healthy and meaningful 2021

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