7 Myths Preventing You To Start Your Blog (*WARNING: This Post Shatters All Of Them*)

In one of my earlier posts, I talked about how everyone practically needs a blog of their own. But it is also true that most of us don’t even bother to start. What prevents you from taking the decision to start your blog? Primarily some myths which need to be broken, by anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere. This particular blog post was created keeping that goal in mind and maybe to push you just a notch towards making that decision to start your blog.

#MYTH 1 : It Takes a Lot of Money to Start Your Blog

This myth doesn’t need to get shattered with that much ferocity nowadays. More and more people are starting their blogs everyday. In fact, out of the 1.7 billion websites in the discoverable web, a little more than one-third are blogs.

Still when the time comes to take a decision to start your blog, a creeping thought enters your mind almost inevitably – about how much will it cost to start and maintain a blog.

Now there are many paths a particular blog can take from its inception. If you’re creating a hobby blog for example, you can be satisfied with the free blogging platforms. (Yes, there are many.) In case of you being a side-hustler or a full-time blogger, there’ll be varying levels of cost to start your blog and maintain it.

Now doing a complete blog budget analysis to start your blog and maintaining it is beyond the scope of this post. I’ll be writing about that later. But it’ll suffice to say that you can expect the budget to be as low as zero to somewhere around 15,000 INR per year. The real cost will depend on the purpose and type of your blog.

While it may need a little investing if you’re considering it professionally, it doesn’t take a lot of money to start your blog and run it.
(Food for thought: What is “a lot of money” anyway?)

#MYTH 2 : It Takes a Lot of Time to Maintain

This myth is the most worrisome thought that comes to your mind when you want to start your blog, right? Now I’m not talking about the time it takes to create the content for your blog. If you’re already thinking about starting a blog, I’m pretty sure that you’ll manage about that creative part. But what about time spent on learning how, what and exactly when to post? Monitoring site traffic? Analyzing site metrics? And that thing they call “SEO”?

Almost all blogging platforms offer a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor by which you can quickly design your content. You can publish immediately or schedule it for a later date and time. In my honest opinion, WordPress outperforms all other competitors in this respect.

There is unlimited information on the web about which type of content to post and when. ScribbleSquare also tries to answer your questions about these. While knowing them is absolutely not mandatory, the things you learn will be of immense value to increasing your blog’s potential. You can set your own pace to learn these things of course.

If you’re that much interested in learning about site traffic, site metrics or SEO, then I’m happy to announce that this very website, ScribbleSquare is trying to be the only resource you need to have in this regard, where all those things can be explained in pretty simple ways, and quickly too.

While it can seem overwhelming at first, proper guidance and knowledge can help you shorten the time to maintain your blog. ScribbleSquare is happy to help in whichever way it can, in this regard.

#MYTH 3 : You Have to be an “Expert” on Your Chosen Niche

Basically a niche is a topic with a narrower audience but with highly targeted content. This post explains about niche blogging. If you read it you’ll understand that whichever niche you chose, most likely there’s going to be a lot of people making the same choice. All of them are not experts. Just people like you and me, having very different individual experiences. They’re trying only to share them.

Take this website itself for an example. It talks mostly about blogging and related fields. But there are a lot of (read “infinite”) other competitors doing the same. So is ScribbleSquare the omniscient expert? Of course not. Many of the topics we cover can be extremely volatile and subjective in nature. We are just sharing the real-time experiences of doing the things we’re passionate about, hoping that they’ll help somebody in some way.

While you need to be somewhat knowledgeable about your chosen niche, you can continue to learn on the go. And you definitely don’t need to be an expert.
(Further food for thought: Who is an “expert” anyway?)

#MYTH 4 : You Have to be a Technical Guru to Start Your Blog

I’ll shatter this one as vigorously as I can. By being very brief about it too.

Bloggers come from various backgrounds. They can be musicians, poets, authors. Or they can be high school teachers or small to medium business owners. Many of the successful bloggers don’t even have college education. The point is that you don’t need to have an extensive technical knowledge in order to start your blog.

Most of the blogging platforms require very little technical expertise to use them. Once again, WordPress is hands-down the easiest one to use.

That said, it’s always better to have a basic understanding of the technical aspect of running your blog. But just like before, you can easily do it on the go.

#MYTH 5 : You Have to be Proficient in English

You can’t ignore the fact that 71% of WordPress sites are written in English or 53% of all websites are in English. It seems to be the official language of the web. While this myth is very hard to break and can be even said to actually be true to some degree, there are brilliant blogs written in other languages too. WordPress currently supports 162 languages, 62 of them being fully translated.

While this myth can be considered of containing some amount of truth to it, sometimes creating a blog in a local or regional language can actually boost your reach. There are many successful blogs written in Indian languages such as Bengali, Hindi or Tamil. And they are growing in number with each passing day.

#MYTH 6 : It Needs a Lot of Marketing to Succeed

I’ll vehemently oppose this myth as well. If you’re consistently providing value to your audience with your content, marketing (read “advertisement”) costs should not concern you that much.

So am I saying that people who spend on advertisements are fools? Definitely not! But I’m saying that like many of the other things associated with blogging, your marketing strategy will be highly subjective. It will depend largely on what your goals are and how much your pocket permits.

For instance, you can try the cheapest marketing strategy i.e. learning about keywords and SEO. If you can learn what your audience is interested about, you can present your content accordingly and connect with them better. If you understand how to rank your content on the search engines, you can get even more visitors to your blog.

#MYTH 7 : It Is Not Worth the Effort to Start Your Blog

If you’re simultaneously thinking to start your blog and #MYTH 7 together, you just need a pep talk. Someone to hold your hand, walk with you, tell you things you need to know as you go on and experiment. ScribbleSquare is aiming to do just that. Be sure to hang around or subscribe to our newsletter. We post once every week.

Still let me assure you that if you decide to take the blogging journey yourself, it will not disappoint you. If you’re planning to build an audience or trying to increase your reach or even wishing to earn a steady revenue, you can do all that. You just need to have a bit of patience and perseverance.

While this myth is based on the fact that you need to put consistent efforts in your blog, all your efforts can pay handsome dividends. Even if all else fails, you’ll have an invaluable knowledge repository to lean on. That can boost your career, self-image and confidence among other things.

Last Words

Everyone should have a happy blog. You only need to be able to use a computer and till the situation improves, type in the English language. You need to have a certain type of hunger inside you too. If you read this far, you already have it. Don’t waste your precious time. The content revolution needs you as a flag-bearer. ScribbleSquare is committed to help you along. We can certainly work together to build a better world for us and beyond.

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