Purpose Of A Blog Post: Write Them Right In 2021

What is the purpose of a blog post? The best bloggers regularly achieve more by writing less. They do this by doing one simple thing – by deciding on the purpose of each blog post they produce, and then following it diligently.

Isn’t it better to just do what they are doing? To first decide on the purpose of a blog post and then to write it in a way that best serves the purpose?

But you need more reasons to do so, not just by me telling you to follow the leaders. So here you go:

Purpose of a Blog Post: WHY

One of my math teachers was an eccentric genius who used to say, “Don’t just solve problems. Think about why you need the solution in the first place.” Pretty Zen thing to say now when I think back on it. Still, before you scratch your head to find a purpose for each of your content, think about why you need to have a purpose in the first place.

To Be More Aligned With Your Bigger Goal

You’ll be able to write focused content once you know why you’re bothering to write anything at all. Have you ever written something for someone professionally? They gave you a topic with a few guidelines about how to write it and you wrote it for them. Think about why they gave you that topic. Isn’t it related to what they do as a whole? A generator seller will give you projects to write about their generators while a soft-toy maker will ask you to write about their soft-toys only. You’re blogging because you too have a bigger goal in mind. Support that goal with the purpose of every little post in your blog.

To Stay True To Your Readers

If you’re blogging for yourself, you wouldn’t be reading this. The readers are EVERYTHING in your blog even if you can’t see their faces. They’re reading your blog because they love reading your blog. When you have exact goals for each content in your blog aligned with the bigger goal of your blog, your readers will be more happy than anybody else. They’ll not have to see random, aimless content thrown here and there all over your blog and it’ll enrich their reading experience like nothing else.

To Help You Be Organized

The best bloggers regularly achieve more by writing less because they don’t write their content without a purpose. When you follow them you’ll save a lot of your time by not writing any irrelevant blog post, the only purpose of which is to confuse your readers. Having a set goal for each content in your blog gives you a smarter, focused plan to be more successful by writing less.

Purpose of a Blog Post: WHAT

Here are some of the common purposes of a blog post:

To Generate Traffic

Maybe the most common goal of a blog post is to have regularly increasing traffic to it and the blog. That’s why there’s so much fuss over SEO, the race to rank your content over your competitors. Content that ranks on the first page of Google are more likely to get almost 75% more hits than the content on the second page. So if your purpose for writing a particular content is to generate traffic, you’ll have to focus on writing it in an SEO-friendly way.

To Get More Shares

Getting your article to be shared among various social media platforms may sound like a similar goal of generating traffic. But not all articles, even with perfect SEO woven into them, do not get viral or do not get shared as much as you want it to. The big question to ask before writing a post with this purpose in mind is how it will fill the gap in providing a solution to some existing problem your readers are having.

To Get More Subscribers

You want more visitors to your site who’ll consume your content as soon as it gets published. So why not write a blog post that will do just that? Merely ending with a CTA isn’t the only way but you can try to offer something that your readers can’t refuse. Maybe a free eBook? Maybe an online free course? Maybe free weekly webinars? FREE is the second most persuasive word when it comes to marketing. Don’t just overdo it without context though.

To Sell Something You Own

It could be your own product or your time and expertise in providing a solution for your prospective clients. A blog post with this purpose in mind will be much different than a blog post written with the purpose of getting quick shares. You’ll need to focus on greater conversion here, with an extremely narrow focus on your target audience.

To Sell Something Others Own

Or in other words, Affiliate Marketing. Posts with this purpose need to sound honest more than anything. Don’t just ramble on and on about how good something is. Point out the bad things too, things which can be improved. Your readers want to read something that they can trust. Don’t try to push-sell something just because you’ll earn a commission on the sale.

To Establish Authority

Have you ever noticed how some blog posts are gigantic in size, filled with links to internal and external content and trying to answer every single question you may have regarding a particular topic? It’s because the blogger is trying to establish his authority over that particular topic. The sole focus of this type of blog posts is to provide relevant, no-nonsense, comprehensive educational content to the readers.

There can of course be many other goals of a single blog post in your blog. All I’m saying is to determine which and then plan on writing it accordingly. The purpose will tell you how to write one of your blog posts more than anything else.

Also it is more than possible to have more than one purpose in a single blog post. You may want to both get traffic as well as subscribers to your blog by writing a single article. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in having more than one goal but be sure they are not random, unconnected ones.

A comprehensive list of commonest purposes will help in determining your own purpose of a blog post
A comprehensive list of commonest purposes will help in determining your own purpose of a blog post

Purpose of a Blog Post: HOW

You know why deciding on the purpose of a single blog post is important. You know what are the most common possible purposes for your blog post. Now the question is: How to know which one to have?

Let’s say you want to make more money with your blog. Out of different ways of making money with a blog, you’re particularly excited about doing this with selling affiliate products. You’ve selected some products that you want to sell on your blog. Now how to write a blog post trying to sell one of the products from that selection?

You can write a detailed review of the product in an article, listing all the pros and cons along with the best features, sharing your experience of using the product and clearly stating why you think using this product will benefit your readers. Or you can write a how-to guide or a tutorial post to using some of the features of this product.

Then you’d want this article to get more views. Optimize it for search engines and then promote the article on various social platforms.

Perhaps write a few more blog posts to generate more general traffic to your blog so that the article with the affiliate link in it has more chance to be read.

See? Once you get the purpose clearly defined, rest of the things just fall into place naturally.

Last Words

I finish writing every post in here feeling frustrated that there are still a lot of things left out. I can’t help it as the learning curve in this blogging world is huge and any step is extremely interconnected with a few more. Still I try to remain calm and share as much as I can in order to get my points across. By the way, this post is the first in the Write Them Right series that took birth in this happy little post.

Have I been able to convey the importance of having a clearly defined purpose in every single blog post in your site? Tell me what you think.

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