Niche Blogging: A Short Guide To Finding Your Happy Niche

Starting a blog comes with a lot of decisions to be made. The first and most important of them is to think about what to write about in your blog. You can write about anything and everything under the sun but will people visit regularly to read them? That’s where niche blogging comes in – to ensure that you have a steady flow of visitors, frequently coming back to your blog.

What is Niche Blogging

When you write about random topics, your blog is a generic blog. When you write about yourself and your experiences, you have a personal blog. Both these types of blogs have one common challenge – not finding enough regular visitors.

People are extremely busy nowadays and they search the internet primarily to serve one purpose only – to find solutions to their problems. You may say that they also look for cat videos but they still are searching for a solution – a solution for their boredom. If the cat searchers stumble upon a video of a cat licking his paws that you took casually one day and posted it on your blog for fun, they’ll be interested to find more videos like that on your blog. Instead they are now looking at BlackLivesMatter, Stock Market news and book reviews. You get the picture? They’ll soon lose interest and probably never visit your site again.

Personal blogs are way worse. Unless you’re some celebrity, no one will follow your blog to learn about how you’re feeling on the first Sunday of 2021.

Niche blogging is posting content regularly about one particular field, sometimes associated with two or more other interconnected fields. For example, my blog is primarily about blogging, with related fields like digital marketing and SEO thrown in.

Why Niche Blogging

By choosing a niche you’re solving a number of problems, both for your visitors and yourself.

  • Your visitors know what to expect from your blog.
  • You know exactly what to write about.
  • It’ll help you narrow down your audience significantly so that when you’re running a marketing campaign at a later date you’ll know who to target.
  • Quality content posted at regular intervals on your niche blog acts as an effective “AWARENESS” and “INTEREST” stage of your sales funnel. Moreover it could be said that the readers of your blog are already at the end of the sales funnel as they’re already finding your niche interesting and chose to stay with.

Finding Your Niche

Knowing about niche blogging and its importance is the easy part. Harder is to find your perfect niche. Well, let’s look at some step-by-step suggestions but from an exclusive personal viewpoint:

Blogging About What You Love

This is probably the first advice you had read about when you learned about blogging for the first time. I know because I’ve been there. I asked myself frequently this one question – “what do I love?” Well, I love writing in general and talking about many different aspects of it. “Blogging” jumped at me as the obvious niche choice. As I’m working as a freelance writer currently, soon things like “SEO”, “WordPress” and “Digital Marketing” made their inevitable entries to my blog. There are some undeniable benefits about writing about what you love:

  • You’ll never run out of ideas. While pondering about what to post today, I’ve already created five more blog post outlines to be used later.
  • You’re unlikely to give up as you’re doing something you love doing.
  • You’ll go through inhuman efforts to make your blog stand out. I didn’t sleep for the last 43 hours and 17 minutes as I was tweaking my blog, making future blog post outlines and learning a few things about blogging and content marketing. Still I’m typing vigorously, with some occasional puffs on the cigarette, feeling the energy of the galaxy running through my veins…okay, I’m going too far.
  • You’ll be able to project a more personal, relatable picture of YOU to your audience that’ll strengthen the connection they feel with you. I hope it does reflect on my writing as well.

Finding & Following What You Love

So you know that I’m passionate in blogging about blogging. But what about you? Are you finding it hard to find what you love? You can begin by asking this one question:

What would you do if given the choice to do one thing for the rest of your life, no matter how much money you make?

Now that’s probably the niche of your blog. Think about some blog posts about this topic, create outlines for them, draft them, write them. If following any of the steps seem like hard work without any fun, this isn’t your niche. Try answering the question again. Once you find your niche, stick with it.

If you’re passionate about making funny cat videos, do just that!

If you’re passionate about writing about politics, stick with that!

If you’re passionate about blogging about aliens and the supernatural, by all means, blog about that!

Solving Problems

Focus on solving problems through your niche blogging
Focus on solving problems through your niche blogging

The next step is not about you anymore. It’s about what is missing in the blogging market. Remember that people search for finding solutions to their problems? Think about how best to offer the solutions to them.

You may say that there are a lot of blogs about blogging. So why did I chose it as my niche? My blog is different in how I try to present the solutions in the most personal way, sharing the problems I face myself and how I solve them along the way. Another major focus of my blog is simplicity. I always try to explain things from a very layman point of view, free of unnecessary usage of technical terms. When I must use one, I try to explain it in a manner understandable by any interested visitor, regardless of their knowledge of the field. (Please feel free to let me know if I’m doing this successfully.)

Now if you’re going to blog about cats, politics, aliens or the supernatural, make sure you’re doing something different than your competitors. Maybe it could be only about extremely bored cats or only about humorous political takes or only about alien sightings and supernatural occurrences in a particular geographic location. No matter what you decide as your niche, there are probably a hundred other blogs on that same niche. Think about what nobody else is doing and brand it as your own.

Niche Domination

Constantly looking for implementable ways to be different than your competitors has a certain benefit to it. It leads to eventual niche domination. The niche domination blueprint may look something like this:

  • Read other blogs in your niche and their comment section.
  • Engage with them on a regular basis.
  • Find the things not covered by them.
  • Cover them in detail in single posts on your own blog.
  • Continue building upon them to dominate your niche.

The Money Talk

niche blogging helps to earn considerable money
Niche Blogging helps to earn considerable money

Now that you’re all set to dominate your niche, it’s time to take a step back and reflect. What are your blogging goals? I take it that you’ll love to get some money out of it. Otherwise the whole process of choosing a niche becomes useless. You can just start a generic or a personal one instead.

Only thing to look for in your preferred niche is to have an idea about the size of your audience. Chose a niche too narrow, there might not be enough people interested in it. Chose a broader niche, there might not be enough money to be made because of fiercer competitors. Always keep an eye on profitability of your blog when deciding on your preferred niche. A little keyword research (an exact number of searches for various terms or keywords) will come in handy in this regard but more on that later.

If you don’t want your blog to earn you money (or traffic if all you want is fame but fame will always come with money too, a lot of it), you can easily start with a generic or a personal blog. If you want the money, choosing a niche for your blog is the most important decision you’ll ever make.

Last Words

I’m just going to add a few words of caution while finding your happy little niche:

  • Don’t be too hasty in reaching your decisions. Take your time, do proper research on your competitors, make estimates on the profitability of your niche. Above all, think about whether the niche will make you happy in the long run because you’ll have to continue blogging about this topic for a long time (if not forever).
  • Beware of Splogs or Spam Blogs. A Splog is a blog where the author promotes affiliate links without relevant content, spams Google with high-ranking keywords or indulges in buying and selling of links. While profitability is a key factor in deciding your niche, you should always be focusing on providing quality solutions to your audience. Spam blogs are NOT successful no matter how tempting they may sound. They are taken down and blacklisted all the time, meaning they lose nearly 95% of organic traffic.
  • Don’t deviate from your niche once it’s final. That does not look well to your followers. Occasional blog posts more of a personal nature are okay; just be sure not to do it very often. Such a deviation already exists in my blog but I’ll not post anything like that in say another year.

That’s it for now. Hope I was able to help somewhat. Find the perfect happy little niche for you and start blogging.

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