How To Name Your Blog (7 Ideas To Help You Along)

The first thing that you need to do after buying a good hosting plan is to choose a good name for your blog. If you’re going to create an institutional, topical or personal blog, maybe “how to name your blog” is one of the easiest decisions to make. But there are many invisible layers to every possible decision. Those can at times confuse you to say the least. Read on then as I give you at least 7 ideas to use when naming your blog.

Things to consider before you name your blog

Before I give you those 7 ideas though, there are some things you need to consider. They are about whether your chosen name complies with Google or other search engine’s naming policies.

  • The chosen name should not in any way be offensive to members of any particular race, sex, religion or demographics. A name like “Dumb God Worshippers” may sound good to you if you’re creating a blog targeted at atheists but Google might take action against your site if enough complaints were made against it. This can even result in shutting down of your blog altogether.
  • You need to check how the name of your blog along with the domain extension sounds like. It shouldn’t be way too hard to pronounce or way too complicated to remember. Just like your fingers are an automatic extension of your hands, the domain extension should also feel the same way. For example, “Being Cyrus” (a 2005 movie with an IMDB rating of 7.2) could be considered an excellent name for your blog if your name also is Cyrus. Think about how cool it’ll look when you set up your company e-mail id as “[email protected]”.
  • Make sure to keep it short, simple and sexy when thinking up a name for your blog. It shouldn’t be too hard for your visitors to remember or type in their browsers. Names that are too long or using too fancy words in them just simply wouldn’t work.

While these points should be followed when you’re trying to name your blog, always remember that there can be exceptions to the general rule as well. Maybe you just need to work a bit harder to get the name accepted by your audience.

7 ideas on how to name your blog

Have you played any MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)? You have to first think of a name before you can create your game character. That name will grow with your character, earn fame and fortune, and quite possibly respect among your fellow gamers. I used to play a lot of such games at one time. My friends believed somehow that I had the knack of finding the perfect name for the game characters. They frequently came to me for suggestions regarding this. Later when I started my Marketing career, again people relied on me for finding the right product or brand names. “How to name your blog” isn’t a very different issue either. So here are my suggestions for choosing a blog name that is smart, short and sexy.

1. Use your own name

Our own names are probably the most favorite names we’d like to hear all the time. You can use your own name as the name of your blog when you have:

  • a personal blog that is going to talk a lot about you, your services and your experiences.

This practice is quite common among digital marketers of today. It can look somewhat narcissistic but it surely works if you’re building a brand around yourself.

Examples: (by digital marketer, Neil Patel), (by author and marketer, Seth Godin)

You can use your own name to name your blog just like Seth Godin does
You can use your own name to name your blog just like Seth Godin does
Photo courtesy:

You’re not to use your own name as the name of your blog when:

  • you’re NOT blogging about yourself (obvious, isn’t it?)
  • you’re blogging about a particular niche
  • you’re blogging about a brand (which is again, not yourself)

2. Check your competition

As we always advise to check what the competition is doing before taking any of the blogging decisions, here’s the repetition of the same. There is a very good chance that whichever topic you’ve chosen as the theme for your blog; there are already hundreds or thousands doing exactly the same. You can check what kind of names they are using for their blogs. You can get a pretty good idea about how to structure a name for your own blog from that exercise.

Examples:, are both names of websites who are covering everything related to blogging.

I’m not telling you to blindly follow their examples and come up with a name that you don’t love very much yourself. Having some sort of personal connection to the blog name is an absolute necessity, which brings us to the next idea:

3. Choose an emotional positive connection to name your blog

Did you know around two-thirds of bloggers quit after only a year or two? One of the reasons for that could be a simple thing as not having a strong, positive emotional connection to their blogs. Your blog is going to be a separate living entity other than yourself, where you need to feed your energy, time and effort in a continuous manner. If the blog name itself is too impersonal, you won’t be able to feel that warmth of having someone by your side while you create awesomeness.

I can’t give any examples for this idea as it is deeply personal in nature. I can only talk about my own connection to Being a genuine lover for symmetry, the ‘square’ appealed to me from the very first mention of it by one of my friends. Writing is mostly a mathematical art form where you perform permutations and combinations between literally infinite words and phrases you’ve known since you were little. So this combination of ‘scribble’ and ‘square’ brings a breeze of fresh air and a huge smile to my face whenever I’m working on my blog.

While we are talking about this blog itself, another naming idea can be drawn up quickly:

4. Use alliteration to name your blog

Alliteration is “the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.” (Oxford)

ScribbleSquare is made up of two words, ‘scribble’ and ‘square’. They do not have any evident relation between them but they both start with the same letter ‘s’. This is an example of using alliteration to name your blog. When done right, this can result in a catchy name for your blog.

Examples: ScribbleSquare, CrazyCats, MeditativeMath.

You can also try names with similar sounding words (rhyming to be more exact) in them, such as HustleMuscle or Fit-n-Lit.

Alliteration is the go-to process for selecting a name that is made up of at least two words. While something close to this alliterative effect can be done in a single word name also, the result might not be as catchy.

5. Use words from another language

It isn’t written anywhere that you have to only choose from English words to name your blog. You can take inspiration from another language and use a particular word that describes what your blog does as well. You can use any timeline for those words too, meaning the word doesn’t even have to be in modern usage. Only prerequisite? It should sound well, besides being somewhat relevant of course.

For example, if you’re going to blog about say practical fitness tips, you can name your blog as “FitnessPraktikos”, ‘praktikos’ being an ancient Greek word for practical. The name is not too hard to remember. Both the words are ending with an ‘s’-sound to them. Of course the name is relevant to what you’ll be blogging about. On top of all that, that word can raise curiosity among your visitors. Once they see how the name is falling on the big picture contextually, they’re probably going to be much more excited about it than the blog with the name, “PracticalFitness”. They’ll begin to become fans of your blog from the very start.

6. Invent a catchphrase of your own

You can certainly invent a catchphrase of your own to be used as your blog name. “A catchphrase is a phrase or expression recognized by its repeated utterance.” They originate in various forms of popular culture and then propagate through either of the mass media techniques. One of the coolest catchphrases of our era has been, “Just do it” by Nike, which is still used as their marketing slogan since Dan Wieden invented it in 1988. The catchphrase is simple, short and easily remembered. This particular slogan is considered the greatest tagline of the twentieth century by many marketers.

The catch with inventing a catchphrase is that not many of us will succeed in getting one right. If you can come up with a catchphrase that is short and simple, easily remembered and also wraps up the vision of your blog nicely, then congratulations! You’re one of the lucky few.

If you can’t create one, forget all about using it to name your blog, for once and for all. I’ve known many people who have spent unthinkable amounts of time in trying to get one of them right. True that once you got it right, it’ll spread like wildfire and get you almost instant publicity; but in my opinion, that’s a lot of good time getting wasted which could’ve been put to better use by focusing on creating quality content instead.

7. Ask around, observe & be open to suggestions

This is perhaps the most important idea to get a working name for your blog. Your blog is not going to be read by you only. Other people are going to visit your blog, read your posts and invariably form an opinion around it. What looks perfect to you may not resonate that strongly with your audience. That’s why you need to be discussing about it with your friends, family members and the few persons closest to you.

Casually tell them that you’ve thought about this name or that for your blog and observe what their reactions are. Ask them about some suggestions. Briefly explain to them what you’ll be doing through your blog. Give them a vision and mission statement of your blog to keep them aware of your goals. Then patiently hear their voices, be absolutely open to all kinds of suggestions, try to find out anything that might help you. While they may not know a lot about your particular venture, they being your closest, will always want to see you succeed. That can sometimes gift you with priceless bits of wisdom.

Last Words: How to name your Blog

As I’ve said earlier, the name for this particular website was much brainstormed with one of my closest, dearest friends. When the name, “ScribbleSquare” was first uttered by him, I immediately knew this is the one I want to work with. I was able to find some emotional attachment to the name also which I knew was going to be very very important in the coming years of its existence. So, while this article tries to give some ideas about how to name your blog, there is a far greater chance that you’ll be able to find it just by yourself or from someone you trust.

Nevertheless, tell us when you find that name for your happy little blog. If you drop your blog’s URL down in the comment box below, we’ll be sure to check it out. Let us create a beautiful world of evergreen content together and prosper by helping each other out.

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