Topic Of A Blog Post: Write Them Right In 2021

After reading my last post you’re now prepared to write with a clearly defined purpose. Now what should the topic of a blog post be? Again the best bloggers seem to never run out of great ideas to blog about. Once you finish reading this post, you’ll also learn about a foolproof system of generating never-ending topic ideas.

Topic of a Blog Post: WHY Is It Important? I Mean, Really?

I mean we have to blog about SOMETHING! We can’t write about 101 random things in a single post. I mean we can, but there’s no point, right? Especially now that you are writing with your purpose clear. Your purpose will now decide the topic of the blog post for you.

Having a topic aligned with your purpose is a skill that takes time to perfect of course. When done right, your readers will feel the inevitable pull towards your honesty more than anything else.

Role of Blog Post Types on Topic Ideas

One more thing has to be taken care of besides the purpose, before deciding on the topic. That is to further decide what type of post it’s going to be.

A blog post can be any of the below but not limited to:

A Listicle

A listicle lists some information in an easy-to-understand manner. Listicles are not meant to be read as a whole but the points they list serve as a quick digestion of facts and figures, of tips and tricks, of this and that. The list itself serves as a thematic structure of the post.

Listicles are great for building traffic as they can be read fairly quickly, jumping from point to point.

A How-To Guide

A how-to guide gives a detailed answer to solving some particular problem. Videos are the best way to provide a how-to guide but you still have to write the perfect script for it.

Guides are great for generating leads once you write them right. Providing value to your readers is at the core of writing any post but even more so with writing a guide post.

An Industry News Post

This type of post shares latest important news items happening in your industry right now.

Probably the easiest to write about, news posts are still great for building your authority. People often confuse knowledge with current affairs. If you write about latest things happening in your industry, it becomes easier for your readers to accept you as one of the industry experts.

Also since “latest news” consumes majority of our newsfeeds, writing about them from time to time can attract new readers in significant numbers.

A Story

A story post shares a personal experience about something. Stories trigger emotion and emotion is the single biggest drive to any buying process.

Stories connect you more than any other ways to your readers. Unless you’re asking for overt sympathy or self-promotion, they’ll love you as a fellow human and keep coming back to you for more content. They’ll be more prepared to buy from you when the time comes.

A Checklist

Everyone loves checklists. It releases dopamine in copious amounts when crossing off an item from a checklist. Your existing listicle posts can seem a bit dry at times. That’s when you decorate them into checklists.

Providing an option to download or save the checklist you made is not optional. Simply doing this means an increase in getting more shares and more chance of your other articles to be read too.

A tick on a checklist gives a sense of accomplishment
A tick on a checklist gives a sense of accomplishment

An Infographic

An infographic is another of the masters at getting viral shares. In place of a fat blog post, you’re offering information wrapped up in an easily digestible and eye-candy manner.

Always add the embed code to the infographic in your post so people can easily share it across platforms. Easiest way to get more backlinks, huh?

A Guest Post

A guest post is something you write for somewhere else than your blog. You know it to be a great networking tool for you but it can do gradual wonders for your blog when you turn the guest blogging option on.

More than anything, guest posts bring a fresh feeling to your blog, along with them new readers from the guest blogger circle. Also it’s a sure way to keeping up with providing content without actually creating them yourself.

A Research Post

Almost any type of blog post is not possible without some research. But a research post not just tells what something is; rather shows exactly how it is what it is. Think of case studies or whitepapers or independent research articles. They increase the awe felt by your readers.

Research posts are great for converting readers into customers when you have a product to offer as they’ve come to begin to trust your knowledge and expertise in your field.

An Interview / A Quote / A Rip-off Post

Basically you’re building and leveraging on an idea someone else has by writing these posts. In an interview, you’re just asking the right person some of the right questions and publishing the answers in your blog. In a quote or rip-off post, you’re just commenting on some other post that you’ve found interesting and relevant to your readers. Don’t get turned off by seeing the word, ‘rip-off’. All great ideas are ripped off something else.

This type of post can help bring in massive traffic if the interviewee is a celebrity in your field or the original post was too good to start with.

There obviously can be a lot of other types of blog posts as well. I know of a list that tells of 60 such types among them.

Topic of a Blog Post: HOW to Select

Now is there some process on how to select the perfect topic for your blog post?

Selecting the topic of a blog post shouldn’t be a complex affair

Write About What You Love

Writing about what excites you creates beautiful pieces that your readers are going to read again and again. Writing about things that look dull to you is not always able to create such content. Go find a happy little niche that you feel comfortable about writing for a long long time. That way you’ll always have your brain full of interesting topics to write about in your blog.


There could be a number of different topics that is aligned with your bigger blogging goal. You may have to write about them at different stages of your blog too. Maybe at the nascent stage focus more on writing traffic magnets, then write more conversion-focused content, all the while slowly building authority by creating informative long pillar-posts and connecting posts. Research carefully about what works best at each stage.

Be The Expert

I’m blogging about blogging and certainly I too don’t know everything there is to know about blogging. But when you’re writing a post, you should be able to convey the idea that no one knows better than you about what you’re writing. Do whatever it takes to be able to radiate that message – which is mostly learning about everything you can. Whatever your field is, constantly learning about it will help in you creating authoritative content after authoritative content, effectively making you The Expert.

Always Hunt for New Ideas

Keep something with you all the time where you can record new ideas. A notebook, an app or a piece of napkin – whatever works for you. And be on the constant lookout for them. You never know from where an idea might strike you. I get most of the brilliant ideas for my blog when I’m in the loo, much like a majority of us homo sapiens. It’s important to remember them if not noting them down in your phone right then and there. I think you did get enough idea of always looking out for new ideas and I should definitely stop now.


Think about why your readers need to read another post from your blog. Are you addressing one of their problems? How can you better solve it for them? How best can you provide the solution? Often following this problem-solution-implementation approach helps in creating content that is meaningful, relevant and adding value to the members of your reader base.

Last Words

This has been the second post in the Write Them Right series that started with this post. We have covered the specific purpose and possible topic choices of a blog post. Next we’ll go into more details about how to research your content.

Meanwhile you can read this post again for generating unlimited blog topic ideas for your blog.

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