How To Consistently Generate More Blog Post Ideas In Less Time

The very first post on my blog talked about how to generate blog post ideas with HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator. But having more than one option never hurts anybody, right? So, today I’m going to share with you some more ways to generate content ideas for your happy little blog, quickly and consistently.

Please note that this is not a post about fine-tuning your blog post title but just the basic ideas around which to center your blog post. Sometimes the idea itself will be good enough to be a working title for your post but other times you need to work on it separately.

Things to Remember while Choosing Your Blog Post Ideas

things to keep in mind while choosing your blog post ideas
There are some important things to keep in mind while choosing your blog post ideas
  • Chose topics close to what your blog is about. Suppose you’re writing in your blog about personal finance tips and you post something related to some latest finding in genetic research. You can produce the most informative and beautiful piece on that but certainly that won’t appeal to your general audience. They visit your blog because of the value it provides to them on a certain field. They wouldn’t be much interested about reading anything else.
  • Always try to center around some questions your readers might be asking or might be interested in finding an answer to. We tend to search the internet for very specific reasons. Two of the most common are: to find answers to our questions regarding one particular topic and to be entertained. If we keep the search intent of our visitors in mind, we can hope to hook more of them into our sites.
  • Also check the organic traffic around your chosen topic. Or in other words, check if the topic chosen is worth blogging about. You can use any of the keyword research tools (free or paid) to have some idea about the viability of your blog post.

How to Generate More Blog Post Ideas in Less Time: Tips

Revisit Your Old Posts

your old blog posts can give birth to new blog post ideas
Your old blog posts can give birth to new blog post ideas

Your blog itself can be your best tool in generating your future blog post ideas. If you’re like me, obsessed with how my typed words look on the webpage of my website, you’re the most loyal visitor of your own blog. So why not use that as an added advantage?

While reading your old posts, you’re bound to find many more related blog post ideas around the same topic itself. Maybe you can elaborate on something written before; maybe you can offer a different angle for looking at the same problem; maybe you can add some important information here and there and create a new post from them. Read your own posts, and think about what more can be said about them.

For example, this post itself is nothing but an extension of the oldest post on my blog. And in this post too, there are many more things on which I can base my future articles on. (One hint: maybe on different keyword research tools out there and how to use them?)

Read Other Blogs Similar to Yours

Your competition can be your greatest ally in providing a steady stream of blog post ideas
Your competition can be your greatest ally in providing a steady stream of blog post ideas

I hate the term, “competing” but there are plenty of other blogs that write about the same things your blog is writing about. You can keep a close eye on what they’re doing and how. This will serve as a free content idea generator for you consistently in the days ahead.

There are some obvious benefits to follow this approach. One, you can skip keyword research and just try to create a better content around one of their topics because they’ve already done that before writing their content. Two, you can look at their blog post titles and discover some new angle to talk about the same but from a different perspective. Three and perhaps the most neglected one, you can go through the comments section of one of your more successful competitors (there, I used the term too but they’re not your enemies; always remember that) and find an idea from there also.

Follow the Industry

I write mostly about blogging and content writing in my blog here at ScribbleSquare. That means I’m directly connected to the Content Marketing industry that is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of between 13% and 18.4% in the next 4 to 5 years. I’m also connected to the Digital Marketing industry that saw unprecedented growth from 2019 to 2020, largely due to COVID19. Now whatever affects these two industries in some significant way, I can write about that also in my blog because my readers will certainly find them relevant too.

Using Rich Content can be an effective Content Marketing strategy
I can find blog post ideas for my blog from the content marketing industry related news also

One word of caution though. It becomes very much easier to just curate content from the industry-news specific sites onto your blog, saving you time, energy and effort. Your blog will gain traffic in the short run but will lose its identity as you’ll find it easier to ditch your honest attempts at creating original content. Soon you’ll begin to see declines in your post reach as there is already a huge competition for traffic due to the abundance of dedicated industry-news specific sites. It can be very hard to recover from there. (More like a paragraph of caution but yes, I’ve seen it happen to some very popular sites over time.)

Time to give an example for further clarification on the subject. I’ve learned more from Copyblogger and HubSpot about content writing and marketing than any other resources on the internet, and so it was pretty impactful to me to know that Brian Clark is stepping down as Copyblogger CEO. I was not satisfied by just leaving a comment there. I wanted to write something about that. But I felt limited in my ability to properly convey what tremendous effect he had in my growing up as a content writer myself. This is a suitable topic for my ScribbleSquare blog because after all he is the pioneer of the very field. I just decided to wait till next week to finish writing that post. (Yes, I’ll write about him in my next post. To hell with the content calendar, at least this one time.)

Write Your Affiliate Articles

Whatever you’re blogging about, there are some things you can always write about. They can be about your affiliate partners. To put it very simply, an affiliate partner forms a business relationship with you such that he pays you when you write an article about them. (It certainly is not that simple, I just wanted to clarify it again despite the opening phrase in the last sentence.)

Your blog is hosted by a web hosting company, uses many WordPress plugins for effective delivery of content or maybe an email marketing tool too. You can write about your experiences using them, listing the things you love about them or things you want to see improved. You can follow examples of other affiliate articles to get an idea about how to structure your content, how to talk in a way to keep your audiences’ interest and also how to promote them across various channels to maximize your earning potential from them. (I’ll write about how to do Affiliate Marketing through a blog later on.)

Keep Hunting for Your Ideas, Even in Unexpected Places

Your blog post ideas might be found in the most unexpected of places too
Your blog post ideas might be found in the most unexpected of places too

Your content idea is a living, breathing thing. You need to accept that at first. It follows the general principle of life, by surviving through even the bleakest of days full of boredom and uninspired chores. You have to have an inquisitive way to look at things; in places familiar or strange. For example, in my recent role as an educator, I was required to make lesson plans for the students. I looked at it at nothing but a process of content creation itself. While making the lesson plans, I might stumble upon some unexpected way of looking at things. But I need to keep my eyes open to identify those opportunities. And so do you.

Last Words

In this post, we’ve looked at how to generate more blog post ideas for your blog without spending huge amounts of time to it. From going through your old blog posts to hunting for ideas in almost every sphere of your personal or professional life, blog post ideas are waiting eagerly to be found by you. Find them and then go on to create awesome content after awesome content to make this internet a happy place to dwell in.

How do you find content ideas for your blog? Do these suggestions seem worthy? I’ll be waiting to learn more from your replies.

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