How To Easily Add A Display Banner On Your Blog Without Using Plugins

The basic function of a display banner is to display general advertisements or messages that you want your visitors to see. It can be shown in the form of text, image, video or audio generally with a link to take the visitors to some external or internal resources. Do you want to add an ad / display banner in your blog but don’t want to use any plugins? WordPress text widget can do the basic job neatly with an image and some text. Here’s how:-

How to add a display banner without using plugins

  • Login to your dashboard, create a new page, name the page as to your liking. I’ve named the page simply “ad page”. Then save the page as a draft. That way the draft page will be considered as your private content and won’t show itself when your visitors see your site.
  • Add an image to be used as your banner image and write something that you want to show alongside this image; “test banner” is doing the job for me. Use the image in thumbnail view mode as you don’t want your banner to show a big ugly image, covering a lot of space on your page. This can vary as per your purpose though.
  • Click on the image and add the link to where you’d want the visitors to go to when they click on your banner. I’ve just linked to a post on my blog for illustration purpose only.
creating display banner 1
This is how it’ll look after the steps mentioned above
  • Next, change the alignment of the image and text as per your choice. I’ve chosen to center both of them with the text showing on top of the image. You can tweak around and find the best alternative that suits you.
creating display banner 2
I’ve centered both my banner image and text
  • Go to the code editor. You’ll see some code in the left portion. Simply copy them all.
creating display banner 3
Copy all the code that you see after opening the code editor
  • Go to Appearance > Widgets > Text and add the text widget to where you want the banner to appear on your page. I’ve added the widget to the right sidebar and below my existing “Categories” and “Recent Posts” widgets. You can show your banner in a more suitable strategic position.
creating display banner 4
Add the text widget to where you want your display banner to appear
  • Go to your blog and click on Customize. You’ll see an empty widget where it is supposed to appear. That means in my case just below the “Categories” and “Recent Posts” widgets. Click to edit the widget.
creating display banner 5
The empty text widget shows up in the customize option for you to edit
  • After you click to edit the widget, you’ll see your text widget editing option appearing on the left panel. Change the editor from visual to text and paste the code that you had copied earlier. You can give a title if you want, I’ve skipped because I won’t be using the banner for long. You’ll immediately see your banner appearing on the preview area on your right.
creating display banner 6
Your display banner appearing as you paste the code copied earlier

That’s it! Now you’ve a happy little working ad banner on your blog and that too without using any plugins. When visitors click on your banner they’ll go to the link that you had inserted in your banner image, in my case, the other blog post. (which is a happy but not-so-little guide on sales funnels, you can go read that if you want)

creating display banner 7
The destination of the link used on your display banner

Sundays are meant to be fun. I’ve kept this post very short and simple but you can always ask if you’ve any related questions. You can also follow similar steps to add video or audio banners by adding “video” or “audio” widget respectively. Happy Blogging!

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